Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause

Dr. Kevin Conners has written several books. His latest, “Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause,” summarizes the work he does in his clinics.  Integrative Cancer Therapy is a new approach to helping those with a diagnosis of cancer as it incorporates the best of alternative and traditional care.

For the past several decades, the freedom of choice has not existed when it comes to treatment of cancer.  Patients have been herded into the medical machine of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Patients were shamed if they even thought about alternative care.  The Marcus Welby generation idolized medicine and the demi-gods in white coats. Anyone daring to attempt a natural alternative was quickly labeled a quack and money-monger.  Thank goodness for the information age; people can seek out answers once reserved for those with multiple letters behind their names. A new movement is beginning to take hold; it’s a new horizon for those desiring to take a greater degree of responsibility for their health, and it couldn’t have come too soon.


This book was written for patients, real people who are seeking answers. Presented in an easy to read format that gives the reader a better understanding of common-sense ways to strengthen the immune system and enable the body to treat the disease. In the second to the last chapter, Dr. Conners lays out a ten-step plan in dealing with cancer so you may present to your doctor an understanding of how you are going to move forward. This book is a must-have for anyone ready to take responsibility for their health.

“I am not a doctor who believes that God desires to heal all our wounds or cure every cancer patient.  We all will die, some of car accidents, some of old age, and others of cancer.  Where we go after we die is of most concern.  We must surrender to the fact that God is God and we are not. This doesn’t mean that we are to passively allow the world and its evils to beat us down; we are to keep fighting the fight while surrendering to God.

My prayer for you is this: That when seemingly all that you’ve ever held dearly is slipping through your fingers, that you let go, give up, and fall on your knees before your Creator and admit something like, “Dear Father, I’m lost and need You to find me, I’m broken and need You to heal me, I’m hopeless and confused, tired of trying and unable to fight on my own any longer.  I need YOU.  Forgive me; change me; make me Your child.  Renew me; for You are my only hope.”

This is when the healing begins. This is when the peace that passes all human understanding can fill you, comfort you, and snuggle you with warmth through the chill of despair. This is my prayer  for you, not that your cancer goes away but that your cancer drives you to a relationship with your Father that is new, refreshed, real and eternal.”  - Dr. Conners

Should I do Chemo? The only person that can answer this question is you!  Since I am schooled in an integrative approach to cancer, I do not believe that all chemotherapy is bad.  Low-dose chemo and insulin potentiated chemotherapy have shown to be tremendous aides in slowing fast-growing tumors, but remember, chemo does not kill cancer stem cells and can create drug resistant circulating tumor cells. Former White House press secretary Tony Snow died in July 2008 at the age of 53, following a series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. Three years prior to his death, Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of initial chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer (remember, chemo does NOT kill cancer stem cells, it only ‘knocks-down’ the current cancer).

What makes us different?

1.  RESULTS -  We offer a revolutionary approach to health for members with Cancer and Chronic Lyme including Rife Frequency technology, NeuroFeedback Brain-Based Therapy, Metabolic Assessment, Neural Cognitive Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology. We don’t treat the symptoms nor diagnose disease; we dig to find the CAUSE, emotionally, neurologically, and metabolically.

2.  BOTH CANCER AND LYME ARE AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS - We specialize in the support and management of members diagnosed with serious hope_logo_taglineautoimmune diseases and cancer. Dr. Conners’ book, “Help, My Body Is Killing Me, a new hope for treating autoimmune disorders” as well as his books, “Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause”, You’re Crazy”, and “Beating Chronic Lyme” take a fascinating look at the successes we’ve had in this field.  We have therapy that is used in many of the Mexico cancer clinics that we use in the detoxification process.  The Light Beam Generator, TrueRife Technologies, and Beam Ray utilize light frequency technology and the Ion Cleanse utilizes polarization.  Functional Medicine, nutritional testing, Gerson Therapy and classes are also a regular part of this type of patient support. It is our opinion that one can NOT do ‘canned’ detox programs, they can be dangerous.  The immune system must be balanced and the two separate parts, the Th1 and Th2 response, must be correctly supported!  Detox is NOT a cookie cutter approach.

3.  SPECIALIZED APPLIED KINESIOLOGY - We have over 30 years experience in this advanced technique of care for members.  See the tab to the left for more information on AK.  Read ALL of Dr. Conners books  available at or as a free download by clicking on the book icons above.

4.  TECHNOLOGY - We are one of just a handful clinics utilizing the both COLD LASER, REBUILDER, iMRS, PEMF and A.R.P. therapy, the only clinic that we know of with such Detoxification Equipment (the Light Beam Generator, TrueRife, Beam Ray, and Ion Cleanse).  Though Dr. Conners is the first to admit that we are not for everyone, we seem to attract those who are often on their ‘last thread’.  We love being the ‘last hope’ and take joy and much satisfaction in the fact that even with all the tools we utilize, WE are not the ones doing the healing!

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